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In order to get from an idea to the implementation phase we do the following:

- work out the Terms of Reference (ToR), (location studies, topographic
 evaluation, resource assessment and measurements);

- prepare financial projections and business plan;

- arrange credit and equity financing;

- make resource audits;

- liaise with local authorities, municipalities and other stakeholders (prepare ToR for site planning. Etc.);

- manage the site planning process;

- secure grid connection agreement, raw material supply contract and other required agreements;

- obtain all required approvals for the project;

- perform preliminary plant and equipment selection for the project, based on initial offers from the manufacturers;

- obtain pertinent official assessments and opinions from the experts;

- negotiate plant and equipment delivery agreements for the project;

- arrange tender(s) for the construction works;

- manage the supervision of construction, installation, and other works;

- supervise the commissioning;

- prepare or sign Power Purchase Agreement or other form of vending contract for the production.

The order of the above listed activities is arbitrary and the actual performance may differ from it.