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About The Company

Nestland Ltd. was founded on 03.07.2006. Our team members have developed renewable energy projects in Estonia and Finland with total capacity over 108 MW  and 150 million € of investment value. The company has been focused on investments in developing renewable energy projects since foundation and is currently developing wind energy projects in Finland and South Africa. Besides wind energy the company is targeting three sectors of alternative energy: waste-to-energy, small hydro and solar energy. The energy and food sectors are the least affected by economic cycles. Renewable energy offers excellent opportunities for investment in view of political decisions around the globe - the EU 2020 targets serving as a good example. Nestland Ltd. is able to offer investors the renewable energy projects meeting the required criteria, in various stages of development.
In addition  Nestland’s acivities have included real estate development and brokering. 20 years of experience in the real estate sector has equipped Nestland OÜ with excellent contact network and in-depth know-how. We can assist investors finding real estate investment opportunities to match the investor’s parameters. For first-time investors Nestland can map and assess the associated rsiks.
In case you are interested to find out more about available investment opportunities, please contact us at: . Our top company values are quality, trust and long-term customer relationships.

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